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The Kandui MICROfactorie™ houses an impressive waste to product filament operation, manufacturing rPETG and rABS EcoFilament, Kandui can also take care of your 3D printing requirements.    

​EcoFilament has been engineered to target waste plastics as raw input materials. Plastics categorised as Type 7 are used as their high level of engineering provides many benefits in terms of strength, durability and flexibility.  This high level of engineering has presented many challenges for typical plastics recyclers due to contamination, however The MICROfactorie™ technology used in EcoFilament manufacturing is tailored to work with these problematic plastics to extract maximum value.

Kandui manufactures a range of 3D products from recycled plastics.  If you have a plastic component, part or product you would like reproduced or designed, contact Kandui with your requirements.

Through Kandui's partnership with the UNSW SMaRT Centre and as an official MICROfactorie™ licensee it has provided the opportunity for Kandui to establish its 3D printing factory. Lab testing has confirmed that filament made from 100% waste plastics display outstanding physical properties.  Waste plastics is evidently capable of producing commercial scale filament output.

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