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Take your product design to the next level.


All products, components, parts Kandui manufactures are made from EcoFilament, ensuring they are sustainable, 100% recycled.


Remade in Australia from Australian waste plastics.


If you have a component, part, product you would like reproduced or designed, contact us with your requirements.


biennale 1.webp

The above images are from the recent Biennale of Sydney. Rivers, wetlands and other salt and freshwater ecosystems feature in the 23rd Biennale of Sydney (2022), titled rīvus. Included is Gal Weinstein’s Murray-Darling Basin, 2022 creation.  

All the map outline pieces you see in the photos are 3D printed components from e-waste plastics and old redundant core flute signs were used as backing. 

Through our partnership with the SMaRT Cente @ UNSW we were honoured to have been involved with this project, from remanufacturing the map components to assisting with the installation, which included joining the map outline pieces and filling with coffee grounds. 

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