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EcoFilament is remanufactured from 100% waste plastics by Kandui Technologies. It has proven to be parallel to superior in comparison to non sustainable filaments on the market. Transparent rPETG EcoFilament is currently available and rABS and coloured filament can be made to order. Contact Kandui Technologies if you require sustainable filament solutions that includes bulk, wholesale or coloured orders.

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BUBBLE FREE                     SMOOTH PRINTING                    NON TOXIC                      +-0.05mm                       MEDICAL GRADE    

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rPETG is manufactured from 100% recycled PETG. The material consists of three different components terephthalic acid, ethylene glycol and cyclohexane dimethanol. Compared to PET, PETG can provide an easier printing process that is more transparent and less brittle. 1.75mm and 2.85mm, 1kg and 3kg available

Technical Data Sheet

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Manufactured from 100% recycled ABS waste. The material consists of three different main monomers Acrylonitrile, 1,3-Butadiene and Styrene. Compared to PLA, ABS can maintain its mechanical durability when operating at relatively high pressure and temperatures. 1.75mm and 2.85mm, 1kg and 3kg available 

Technical Data Sheet

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Coloured Filaments

Coloured filaments are made to order.  rPETG filament is coloured using otherwise discarded dyes.

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